Friday, July 22, 2011

we are closing the shop

tomorrow morning I will sit down and close our Etsy shop with one click :)
DH is preparing the packages diligently as usual. They will be at the PO tomorrow on their way to their rightful owners. I wanted to give something extra to each customer who came back on our last day on Etsy so I added one or two extras to each package. I felt like Santa Claus :)
then I couldn't stop there and prepared two more packages for friends. Tomorrow i will pack most of the left overs and give them to local charities. Then we are packing our house and moving!
wish us good luck!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chenille blanket

Chenille blanket, originally uploaded by offgenemi.

it is time for nesting!!!!
I found this tutorial
and I just had to make one. it was really a lot of fun :) The top fabric is from nani iro. it is a thin cotton fabric so it is very soft the bottom layers are all flannel. the blanket kind of feels like a towel :) and now my husband wants one :)
I used regular scissors to cut the bottom 3 layers, it took some time but it's worth it
hope you have fun making one, too

Japanese inspired accessories from a Turkish-German couple ;)