Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dreamy tsumami kanzashi from Japan!

I look for pretty photos of Tsumami Kanzashi from their mother land , Japan. Last week I got obsessed and look for some more, and thank God I did so, I found this blog , these are the most dreamy, beautiful kanzashi I have ever seen. I couldn't hold myself and wrote her an email and she responded! She is very very sweet. I am so excited to exchange e-mails with an authentic tsumami kanzashi artist :) Thank God for Internet :) we are very very lucky.
Please check her gallery out, you will see beautiful dreams filled with kanzashi tonight :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

gochemoche sales graph by year and day

I always thought I sell more on fridays, obviously I was wrong actually Monday was a much more popular day last year (2008).
I love graphs :) another obsession that comes from my day work :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New projects

I love making tsumami kanzashi, but I am always scared that I will be bored of it if I spent to much time on it. So I keep finding a bit different stuff to do. I tried decoupage and quickly find out the medium used makes me sick, so goodbye decoupage, byeee
I think I am going to spent some time making some clothes, I have this gorgeous fabric from Kokka, it is perfect for hot summer days. So I cut it out yesterday to make a kimono style top. wish me luck!
Then I decided to cut some fabric and being a bit ADD, I make some wall art for myself :) I have a lot of kimono fabric that are sooo beautiful I can not cut them, I have to use them somehow because I dont believe in keep things as they are, I love collecting but I love using them in projects even more.
Today I think I am gonna go to my quilt shop :) it will be fun, I will Stef was here we could have gone there together :)Yes ladies, you can be jealous, my husband actually likes quilt shops and uses our sewing machine :)
have a great weekend

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I just love working with fabric

anti tarnish silver pouch, originally uploaded by offgenemi.

It calms me down :) after a long day at work, I come back home mentally tired. Then I looks at all the fabric I have and just admiring their beauty takes me to the times when my mom was telling me stories. My imagination starts working, sometimes I cant keep up with it. There is so many project I want to start but I have to be patient and go with the flow :) maybe in a few decades when I retire huh? of course palying lottery is also another option :)

Japanese inspired accessories from a Turkish-German couple ;)