Monday, June 22, 2015

Haven't been here for a while now

i had a very cute baby boy and drifted away from here :) sorry
Now he is a bit older and I feel like I can return to my crafting ways.
I am not really interested in making more tsumami kanzashi anymore. I think I burned myself out a bit. my sister got me a doll as a gift and I started to see for them and create for them. I might share more of that in future but today I wanted to share a shirt review of some of the cheaper shoes you can get for playscale/Barbie sized dolls. My doll is a J-doll and she has a type 3 body. Half of the cheap (40 shoes for 5 dollars) don't fit her. I don't blame the seller because they stated these shoes are for Barbie and I understand JDoll and Barbie do not have same size feet.
JDoll is kind of easy to balance. Because even with the softest shoe she can stand for a few seconds :)
All the shoes in this package are below.  I didn't take the photos of th ones that didn't fit.
For some reason blogger is giving me trouble. The top half of the shoes don't fit the bottom half fit ok.
For individual photo please visit my Flickr account :)

Japanese inspired accessories from a Turkish-German couple ;)