Saturday, June 13, 2009

New projects

I love making tsumami kanzashi, but I am always scared that I will be bored of it if I spent to much time on it. So I keep finding a bit different stuff to do. I tried decoupage and quickly find out the medium used makes me sick, so goodbye decoupage, byeee
I think I am going to spent some time making some clothes, I have this gorgeous fabric from Kokka, it is perfect for hot summer days. So I cut it out yesterday to make a kimono style top. wish me luck!
Then I decided to cut some fabric and being a bit ADD, I make some wall art for myself :) I have a lot of kimono fabric that are sooo beautiful I can not cut them, I have to use them somehow because I dont believe in keep things as they are, I love collecting but I love using them in projects even more.
Today I think I am gonna go to my quilt shop :) it will be fun, I will Stef was here we could have gone there together :)Yes ladies, you can be jealous, my husband actually likes quilt shops and uses our sewing machine :)
have a great weekend

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