Friday, January 18, 2008

where to find japanese fabrics?

Fabric Brands
lecien has a very nice collection of fabrics that will appeal many quilt makers and children's dress makers
Kokka is full of cute, fun, elegant and modern fabric designs. Every fabric lover must see them.
Cosmo has the cutest fabrics designs, I just want to get them all!
Hobbyra-Hobbyre has both fabric and a ton of cute projects
Shinzi Katoh is a great designer both fabrics and other cute houseware worth getting or al least looking at them.
Kona Bay makes a lot of traditional symbols as their design elements, they are simply gorgeous. I think they are one of my most favorite fabric designers

Where to get them
Fabric Tales is a great store that is located in Japan, my experience with them has been great so far. everything was shipped super fast in great condition
Superbuzzy has a good selection of adorable fabrics from japan.
Kitty craft is a nice store where you can get both books/ magazine and fabric from famous japanese designers
Modern craft is carrying both books and fabric, too.
Purl soho has a section devoted to Japanese fabric, too
Retro depot is another online fabric store that carries a lot of Japanese imports along with other fabrics.

I gues this is enough for you to looks around, have fun shopping :)

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