Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back from wedding

Sis is putting earrings, originally uploaded by offgenemi.

Our nice trip to Turkey to get married and to Germany for honeymoon was so nice that coming to work was a bit hard for me the past week.
Now everything is back to normal, and I miss both Turkey and Germany dearly! Apart from all the loved ones I left in both countries the food was sooo good, I have to admit that we ate like there is no tomorrow. and guess what Stef lost 5 kilos (9-10 pounds)! I didnt gain any weight. This miracle happens everytime we go back to Turkey :)
I was so busy with filling out all the custom orders I had that I couldnt make much for my own wedding. I didnt want to pay hunderd bucks for my veil so a comb we had at home and some tulle from Joann's fixed that problem. I wanted to have colorful hair comb so I managed to make some time to make one last night I was in USA before the wedding. I love the way people can put hair comb in their hair casually, I cant do it, my hair is super flat and everythign falls off. so this was the perfect opportunity for me to try my own creation. My awesome hairdresser cam up with this do'. Turkish hairdresser's rock! I will take more photos of the comb but this one is the best one I have so far :)Our photographer kicked ass, he was really easy to work with and I love all the photos he took :)
not bad for a budget wedding right :)

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