Sunday, August 2, 2009

A fabric and yarn outlet in our town

My good friend yenny and I found this cute little shop from Etsy when we were looking for fabrics for the girls'. To support the local economy immediately we went there right after work and met the super cute couple who own the shop. They won my heart when they said Turkish yarns are beautiful and high quality :) I love it when I hear nice things about the products of my country. Stef got Haribo gummy bears that were made in Turkey from sole shop in town, I was super surprised and happy :)
well let me return to the subject, this little shop (a fabric and yarn outlet) is super cute, most of the quilting store tend to carry fabrics that speak to older generations, I like all colors and everything but I prefer Japanese fabrics or fabrics that are full of interesting designs and broght color. so this little cute shop of perfect for me :) Next time I go there I hope to meet their little dog and smart daughter who brought up the idea of selling fabric along with yarn :)
So we got these two sets of fabrics one from Heather Ross but sadly I forgot the other one, sorry! when we finish the projects I will do my best to upload photos to the blog. They will be on flickr for sure

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Japanese inspired accessories from a Turkish-German couple ;)