Thursday, January 18, 2007


Making the tsumami kanzashi is really a long process. Especially when you are using material that is a bit different from the traditional fabrics, your jobs becomes harder. But they are so beautiful (maasallah !), I cant stop making them.
These designs are following the original designs, however the original designs are more appropriate for special occasions where one wears kimono.
If you are interested, follow the links in the section. or just google the word tsumami kanzashi

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SaNeM said...

nıhongo ga hanasu cotoga dekıru ne! dıye japonca sorayım dedım bunca japon craftı gorunce. Tek kelıme ıle mukemmel olmus. Cok zahmetlı kesınlıkle burdan da bellı.

Japanese inspired accessories from a Turkish-German couple ;)