Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thanks Modish!

Today I got a message saying that one of my tsumami kanzashi barrette is featured in Modish. Immediately that particular kanzashi was sold. I am so thankful to Modish, therefore I am going to send her one for her gift basket giveaway.

The origami stars Stef makes are on sale at Etsy now. They look really pretty in between my kanzashi. Stef is totally addicted to making them. All the glass containers at home are filled with them. That's why I decided to sell them in the first place :)

probably that's all for today :P


Cristina said...

Hi! my name is Cristina and I'm writing from Rome. I just discovered tsunami kanzashi techinique and your beauuuuuuutiful works on etsy...I'm totally in love!!! you are amazing. I hope not to bother you but I'm looking around to find something like books patterns etc on tsunami kanzashi here in Italy but...NOTHING :( can you help me? books in english would be fine, or also in japanese if it is not necessary to understand it but just wath the pictures :). I'd be very happy if you would help me and, why not, be my tutor.
thank you anyway!

gochemoche said...

Hi Cristina,
so sorry I just noticed I had to approve the comments.
I got my tsumami kanzashi books all in japanese. I think there is one in english on amazon.
maybe you can get that one. I dont know how you can get it in italy. actually ships italy but not all the items. amazon(USA) also ships to every where I think. I hope you can get the book, again so sorry I replied super late

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